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About Us!

God has blessed me with the talent to sew and create. I come from a family of folk artists. I have uncles that work with wood and stained glass. I have aunts that are watercolor artists and quilters. My sister is a computer graphics designer and has created this lovely web site and my mother makes lovely quilts and baskets.  The maternal side of my family has always created with their hands.  I've been sewing for over 35 years creating quilt jackets, sweatshirts, quilts, dolls, and pillows.  My passion is with creating jackets and sweatshirts.

My loving husband has always encouraged me to "do what I love".   I am truly doing what I love.  I work once a week outside the home at a gift and quilt shop, Farmer's Country Store.  I was also able to be home when my son grew up and now I'm available when my grandson needs to be picked up after school.

Thank you for visiting my website. May you truly find something unique and created by me for you. 

God Bless!



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